Focused on results I seek to raise the level of my customers.


Increase your sales with an incredible online store, full of features and functionality.

Mobile Apps

Follow the global trend and create your revolutionary mobile app built with the best technologies.

Web Application

We build applications for different purposes using technologies that allow you more security.

Digital Marketing

We work to promote your brand in partnership with the best marketing platforms today.

I am an over 5 year plus experienced qualified IT service provider, dealed with more than 100+ Customer base

Super Qualified & Experienced

Highly Secured Service Management

On Time & 24 / 7 Tech Support

Easy Accessed And Mobile Friendly Services

Visual And Comfortable SEO Analyzed Website

CMS And Simplified Design And Management

I love to share my knowledge with others. I have conducted seminars, workshops & classes. My Key areas are following....

STEM Education For All

STEAM education in about merges Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths together.

Robotic & Enneering + IOT

We seek to build something that changes people's lives.

Web Deverlopment

Build and maintenance of your own websites

Programming Languages

We seek to build something that changes people's lives.

Customer Testimonials

My customers are satisfied with the work I do. The greatest gratification is to receive recognition for what I have built. This motivates us to improve even more.


Rajini Jayathilaka

Corporative and creative. Great work... Highly Recommended.

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